Sadie Hawthorne

Sadie H.

Basic Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Walter Hawthorne (father)
Jean Hawthorne (mother)
Hal Hawthorne (brother)
Friends: Margaret Browning-Levesque (best friend)
Rain Papadakis (best friend)
Owen Anthony (friend)
Dislikes: Chelsea Breuer
Arden Alcott(rival)
Relationships: Owen Anthony (ex boyfriend)
Ben Harrison (boyfriend)
School: R. B. Bennett High School
First Appearance: Social Climbers
Last Appearance: In or Out of Africa
Played by: Charlotte Arnold

Sadie Hawthorne is your average teenage girl who loves animals, which makes her a little different. She's a bit of a tomboy, but she evolves more into your "girly" girl as the series progresses. With her friends, Margaret and Rain, she just might figure everything out.