Rain Papadakis

Rain 1

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Friends: Sadie Hawthorne (best friend)
Margaret Browning-Levesque (best friend)
Ben Harrison (friend)
Owen Anthony (friend)
Relationships: Taylor DiDomenicantonio (girlfriend)
Arden Alcott (ex girlfriend)
School: R. B. Bennett High School
First Appearance: Social Climbers
Last Appearance: In or Out of Africa
Played by: Michael D'Ascenzo

Rainbow Rain Papadakis Rain is a constant source of comedy. He is always working on one of his master plans-for-success, which usually end in failure. He has a gruelling part-time job at his family's restaurant, and parents who lecture at length in Greek about the virtues of being "more like his cousins". Luckily he has best friends Sadie and Margaret to support and accept him for his craziness. In season 3, he began dating Taylor DiDomenicantonio. When she moved to Whitby, they hit it off like old times. Rain and Margaret kissed once on the way home from Sadie's house, and were both happy to discover they have no chemistry. In season 1 and 2 he tries to impress Vivian because he likes her.