Hal Hawthorne

Hal 1

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Family: Walter Hawthorne (father)
Jean Hawthorne (mother)
Sadie Hawthorne (sister)
School: R. B. Bennett High School
First Appearance: Social Climbers
Last Appearance: In or Out of Africa
Played by: Justin Bradley

Hal (Justin Bradley) is Sadie's annoying, although sometimes helpful, older brother, who, unlike Sadie, does not do very well in school.

He gets into trouble with the principal a lot, and, in one episode, ends up with Rain in detention as well. In another episode, Hal becomes Sadie's art tutor. Art happens to be Hal's best subject and Sadie's worst. At first, Hal tries to help her. But when he realizes that Sadie could become better than him, Hal makes her do silly things like paint with her butt.

In the end, Sadie does become better at art, but turns in one of her worse pieces to make Hal feel better. Hal is also the leader of his own band called "Morning Breath". Hal likes to watch 'Monkeys and Cheese'.